Theatre Du Leman Is A Paradise In Geneva

A theatre is not an unknown name for anyone.  It has been into existence since ages and is known for its remarkable pieces of talents. The reasons for its popularity all over the world for a hundred years are many. Its spread all over the world and there would hardly be any country or city where theatres have not made its mark. Leaving all these behind, we will share with you about a city where theatre is still existing and flourishing with flying colours. The city is none other than Geneva where many theatres are there and one of the famous ones is Theatre Du Leman.

Actually is a popular venue where various performances take place all around the year. Plus the venue is not only dedicated to theatres but show equal love for all forms of acts such as concerts, dance, opera, skits etc. So what is your favourite event? Don’t worry you will get to see here.

If you are in Geneva and have not planned to visit this place then trust us you are going to regret later. But the chances of missing it also meagre the reason is when you search for places to visit in Geneva Theatre Du Leman will pop out. It is located in the very building where Grand Hotel Kempinski is situated, so searching it is very easy as it is the central location. Now to add the beauty of this venue you will get to see the beautiful Lake Geneva. One can spend hours over here on looking at nature and the theatre. Here many kinds of performances take place and the famous ones are the dance shows, theatres acts and mainstream concerts. Though getting a ticket here is very difficult but at the same time, it has a capability to comfort altogether 1300 seating.

Theatre Du Leman is a paradise in Geneva not only because it holds so many shows but also because of its unique and marvellous architecture. Here you will get to see some of the stunning paintings, various collections and architecture. It is one of the best places to explore here in Geneva. If you want to know more about the place and the events taking place here then reach us at Along with the information you will get a chance to book your tickets beforehand. We offer the most updated list of events taking place all over Geneva.